Things I hearted last week

Week ending Friday 13th May 2016

FireEye and Imperva stock hurt as targets are missed and revenues are shifting more towards the cloud.

New CompTIA Research Reveals Cybersecurity Breaches Hit Almost 50 percent of Organisations in the UAE

Another great post as always by Troy Hunt on Test data done right with SQL Data Generator

Bart Blaze has made a Github repo with a collection of PHP backdoors… For education and testing purposes of course.

Nice piece by Violet Blue on how Armenian gangsters blew up the fingerprint-password debate

In one of the more ridiculous things I read last week, apparently French privacy laws mean that parents could get sued by their kids for putting baby photos on Facebook.

Stuart Winter-Tear takes a look at the UK Governments Cyber Security Breaches report 2016 and pulls out some pertinent stats.

The Grugq shares insight into ISIS Europe’s operation style and MO.

In-depth piece with Moxie Marlinspike in which he shares his opinion that it should be possible to break the law.

How hackers smooth-talked their way past the security of a power company

If you don’t know Grecs, he’s a really smart guy and always has great tips to share. Here are his slides from his thotcon talk on deploying a shadow threat intel capability.

Subresource integrity (SRI) is now a proposed recommendation. Nice writeup by Scott Helme.

Short but very useful writeup about how to use Slack integrations with security tools such as Nikto.

Please don’t learn to code

Lenny Zeltser shows us how to run Metasploit Framework as a Docker Container.

VPN over DNS

Behind the scenes at security conferences – good behind the curtain peek which includes views such as “the reality is the most successful talk sad on the proverbial basics”

Check out these collections of the stupidest hacker stock photos part 1 and part 2.

Finally – I was in Denver last week for the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference where I got to interview John McAfee and pulled together a video on how to make the most of the conference.