Things I hearted last week

Roundup for the week ending 6th May 2016.

Remember Orange Tsai wrote about how he hacked Facebook as part of their Bug Bounty program and found evidence of another hacker. Violet Blue digs a bit deeper to see how far the rabbit hole goes. 

This looks so cool – Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered Linux Laptop That Fits in Your Pocket

I suspect some developers may be looking for new jobs as software update destroys $286m Japanese satellite.

When was the last time you saw a real exploit? Something to ponder.

Run out of ideas for your sock puppet accounts? This website will generate a full fake identity in seconds.

The CloudFlare and Tor Stalemate Is Harming Users

This reads a bit like a vendor pitch, but bear with it and it raises some good points about why mainframes are still relevant and not going away anytime soon.

Well worth reading, a detailed writeup of SIM Swap Fraud with vishing examples.

A Thycotic blog on learning how to reduce ransomware risk with least privilege and application whitelisting. 

Even though I’ve never been particularly interested in Bluetooth, this is a really interesting blog by Paul Stone and Scott Lester at ContextIS on “accidentally” stalking someone with Bluetooth LE.

This one made me chuckle, Disgraced Lab Analyst Was High Almost Daily for 8 Years

Should courts / governments be allowed to force defendants to press their finger against their phone to unlock it?

My former partner in crime Adrian Sanabria of 451 Research penned a writeup of a year and a half with Alexa.

Finally, I enjoyed this TED interview with Linus Torvalds