Things I hearted Last Week

Roundup for the week ending 29th April 2016.

BAE systems published a write-up on the hack against the Bangladesh Bank SWIFT system.

Hacked Firm Cares More About Its Users’ Security Than Its Image. Could this become a thing?

Grab a coffee and set aside a few minutes to read this. A Leak Wounded This Company. Fighting the Feds Finished It Off

Why cybercriminals attack healthcare more than any other industry

Financial Service industry losing £1655m in invoice fraud.

Watering Hole Attacks: Detecting End-User Compromise before the Damage is Done

Beautiful people, dubbed the tinder for the elite and good looking (that rules me out then) suffered a breach. Claus Cramon Houmann tries to make sense of the pieces.

Cloud flare blog claims that to date they’ve not seen a single DDoS attack launched against a threatened organisation.

Examining the leaked passwords and PINs from Qatar National Bank

Elle Armageddon follows up her first piece on Opec with OPSEC for Activists, Part 2: Packing for a Protest. Some great tips if you’re of the protesting type.

I assume everyone has heard that the Verizon DBIR report for 2016 is out. I am grateful Verizon don’t put it behind a paywall or infowall. You can get it here.

Former Tor dev helped FBI target Tor users. With enough money…

I know a few people that have made this mistake… Hacking Slack accounts: As easy as searching GitHub

New Fourth Wall report takes a look at Thycotic and its expanding horizons.

Ever wondered how to define threat intelligence? No worries, I made a video.

Finally, security expert and SensePost COO Daniel Cuthbert is an avid photographer and adventurer. He blogged about how he visited Chernobyl and Pripyat 10 years ago on the 20th anniversary of the accident. Some hauntingly beautiful pictures.