Things I hearted last week

Nice short writeup of a BGP hijack event that took place.

Steve Ragan at CSO Online has written about why the Hacking Team postmortem is something all security leaders should read.

How I hacked Facebook, and found someone’s backdoor script. Writeups like these really show the benefit of bug bounty programs.

Of course Congress is clueless about tech – It killed its tutor.

One of the reasons A.I. won’t kill us off.

The personified user interface trap is a piece sprinkled with good nuggets of information.

Everything wrong with Silicon Valley culture in one gross presentation.

The unintended consequences of “zero rate” data plans for Facebook / Wikipedia in Angola.

Finally, this one is a classic, but was reminded of it this week. If you have plans for world domination (or even to take over a continent or two) then this is your definitive guide!