Things I recently Hearted

Interesting article on challenging bad behaviour by a video game company

This is a new form of scriptless attacks, using HTML5. Basically if you can inject HTML but not JavaScript, the site is still at risk.

Whatsapp turned on encryption for it’s <Dr. Evil voice> ONE BILLION users </Dr. Evil voice>

From Bill Brenner over at Akamai, when Good Bots go Bad

How to hack an election. The story of Andrés Sepúlveda who rigged elections in Latin America for over a decade.

China’s great firewall blocks its creator. Oh the irony.


Great guest blog at AlienVault – A beginners guide to building a Home Lab to become a malware hunter.

Oklahoma City Man Faces 10 Years in Federal Prison after Admitting to “purposefully launch a DDoS attack

Detecting lateral movement with windows.

You may be too young to remember the clipper chip. If so, read up on it here.

First steps with AlienVault OTX to get free threat data.

Man forgets he bought $27 worth of Bitcoin… finds out its now worth $886k!

Really good read on why the spies of tomorrow will need to love data.

BEC scammers stole $2.3 billion in less than three years

Tor Continues To Confound – views by Professor Alan Woodward

Interactive Pen Testing – a different approach to pen testing proposed by Robin Wood that can potentially improve the process as well as save on writing those pesky reports.


Finally, The Panama papers, as explained to a five-year old.