Things I recently hearted

I’ve been following Steve Lord’s rawhex blog / project / thing for a while now and he never ceases to put out some great content. There are plenty of great articles which are worth checking out. Last week he posted a play-along guide to recognising backdoors using Metasploitable 2.

[Info-wall warning] Yes, you have to register to get this and yes, it’s by my employers. But The insiders Guide to Incident Response is a really comprehensive resource that is worth checking out. If you’re an incident responder, would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Akamai has virtual fingers in every cyber pie on the internet. As a result they get a lot of visibility into how traffic moves around the net. They share a snapshot of it on State of the Internet which shows internet connection speeds, broadband adoption & more by country or region and trends over time. There have been a couple of improvements to the functionality of the map, including the ability for users to export a CSV file of the data being viewed.

Plagued with crypto ransomware? The Computer Incident Response Center in Luxembourg has published a good resource on proactive defenses.

I’ve often pondered for many hours at a time what makes a data scientist

A small experiment in printing makes for a riveting read around printers that are publicly exposed and a nefarious use-case.

Poor Software QA Is Root Cause of TAY-FAIL (Microsoft’s AI Twitter Bot) Some astute observations.

Finally, this made me chuckle …