Breaking the Fourth Wall

RSA is almost upon us which signifies a time of big announcements. Or at the very least, small announcements are made in a way to make them seem big.

My blog has been my own walled-garden for several years now. It’s gone through many incarnations. But it’s the primary place where I jot down thoughts, rambles, opinions, videos and analysis.

Up till now that’s worked well. But I do feel that the market analysis side deserves its own space. Those are the posts I tend to get the most interest in from a wider audience.

<drum roll> so, the new home for all my research and analysis type writing will live on Fourth Wall. (

In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m a bit of a movie fan. In theatre and film, the fourth wall is the imaginary wall in a traditional three-walled set that separates the performers from the audience.

If vendors, investors and buyers are form the first three walls of the stage – industry analysts are the fourth wall and users are the audience.

It’s my belief that the job of the fourth wall isn’t to erect a barrier. Rather to provide an objective and transparent view to the marketplace and its players. Sometime this means breaking the fourth wall, but other times it means adding the right perspective to help make sense of the world.

I welcome any comments or feedback you may have. If you’re at RSA, feel free to find me at the AlienVault booth (1323) where I’ll be spending most of my time. Or even better would be at BsidesSF where I’ve got a session on Sunday at 4pm.