A day with Troy Hunt

I found myself driving to meet someone I only knew from the internet. You never can be sure how these things will pan out. Luckily for me, I was meeting Troy Hunt.

If you don’t know of Troy, he is a super cool guy from Australia. Which means he uses the word “mate” a lot and likes vegemite.

I’ve followed Troy’s blog for several years and have learnt many things from his technical insights. It’s no exaggeration that there isn’t a single other blogger from whom I’ve learnt so much.

So, when I found out he was visiting the land of Her Majesty, I could not let the opportunity to meet pass me by.

A few things I learnt from this meeting with Troy:

1. He is a genuinely nice guy.

2. He is considerably taller than his profile picture will lead you to believe.

3. He hates the EU cookie law with a passion!

Check out the video for a glimpse of some of the conversations we shared.