How I started in Infosec

I’ve been asked many times how I got started in infosec so I made this video.

The short answer is that is was mainly by chance. It was a long time ago when infosec wasn’t anywhere as big as it is today. In fact, back then, people were more worried about the Y2K bug causing systems to fail than any hacker.

My path was forged via my university degree and finding a work placement in IT Security. That is the path that got my foot in the door – but it was putting in the hours learning about systems and security that kicked the door wide open.

That is a truth that is valid today. Beyond a degree or a certification (which are mainly HR requirements) – people tend to value your experience and work ethic the most. And if you don’t have experience, then you can demonstrate knowledge relatively easily by way of sharing through blogs, videos, podcasts, or speaking amongst other ways.