BSides Manchester Video and Inner Monologue

Bsides MCR an inner monologue
Another year another Bsides. I guess it’s one reason to visit the grimness that is Manchester. I better use the drive up to think of some witty lines as I’m the compere again.

Ian Glover – Keynote
Ian says he’s been in the industry for about 40 years… Must resist urge to introduce him as Danny Glover and have him open with, “I’m too old for this sh*t!”

I forgot to take my selfie!

Ian’s making some good points. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them – but good points all the same.
Paul Johnston
The room is half as full as it was for the keynote. But I’ll take my selfie all the same. Next year I should take it to the next level and bring my selfie-stick.DSC_0093

Paul really knows his static code analysis. Oh look, I have a Veracode pouch sticker thing on the back of my phone… it must be a sign. Not sure what it is though.

Coffee break
Oh I really needed that coffee.

Someone came up to me and asked if I was the guy from the CISSP video… omg omg omg. Need to keep cool – still don’t know how to react when a stranger says they’ve seen my video. He did follow up with a comment about how I look shorter in real life. Now I know how Tom Cruise feels!

James Kettle
I believed this was going to be a BurpSuite talk – actually a really good talk on server side template injection.
Hmm food
Ben Turner, Dave Hardy
Hope they didn’t mind me introducing them as Turner & Hardy. Although, a lot of the younger attendees probably have no idea I was drawing a parallel to Laurel & Hardy.

The talk was no joking matter though. Really good insights into PowerShell… and they done the clever thing by recording the demos.
Jim Slaughter
Wonder if he’s ever been a Sergeant?

Great deconstruction of phishing campaigns and tools. Some of these attackers are proper hardcore.

Kuba Sendor
Mac OSX forensics & analysis. It’s really well delivered but a bit beyond me. Ooh look Matt left his phone on the table – let me take a duckface selfie – haha I’m so funny.

Oh crap, he’s posted that on twitter and now everybody is making fun of my selfies… bad move!

William Knowles
Why choose an academic to close?

Hold on – he’s actually really good and has kicked off a ton of debate amongst the attendees.

Where’s my popcorn?

Wow – that was a great ending to a fun-filled day.

It’s 6pm… if I get some caffeine, get to my car and put my foot down, I may get home before the kids fall asleep.