TV’s and the internet of snooping

Much fuss was made when Samsung’s smart TV’s privacy policy was bought to light by @Xor on twitter that it bore an uncanny resemblance to features mention in the book 1984.


Now raising privacy concerns is a good thing. We need more privacy – not less. But voice activation on TV’s is just one small part of the larger puzzle. Mobile telephones, laptops and computers with cameras, games consoles, cars, your fitness activity tracker, loyalty cards, credit cards – basically anything these days can spill the beans on some kind of information that you wouldn’t want people to know.

So why the sudden uproar about TV’s? Well, I have a theory about that. Despite what dogs will try to have you believe, a TV is a mans best friend. Finding out your TV could be spying on you is the worst form of betrayal ever. Your TV is always supposed to be there – never complaining about you changing channels every 1.4 seconds, never getting bored of you watching football and shouting, swearing or screaming at it.

I doubt Victoria Beckham was as disappointed to find out David had an affair as people have been to find that the last bastion of the old age has succumbed to the darkside of marketing agendas.

Et Tu, Television