Procrastination, Vine and Host Unknown

Dayam! I’ve been busy… or I’ve just been procrastinating and telling everyone that I’ve been busy. Either way, the result is the same, I’m behind on work, I’m behind on videos and I don’t even seem to blog with the written word anymore.

A lot of this has to do with Vine. As if YouTube wasn’t bad enough, Vine offers sucks you in with videos which are only 6 seconds long. What’s the worst that could happen in 6 seconds? Well… I became a dad, but aside from that it’s 6 seconds of videos one after another and before you know it you’ve spent the whole evening going through a pack of hot chilli Doritos’ and Vine videos only to wake up with a stiff neck, no battery on your phone and a dusting of Doritos’ over your top.

In other news Host Unknown went live with its first episode last week. It’s a mess and I wasn’t even intending to be part of it. In fact I laughed at Andy and Thom when they approached me for tips about doing a video and told them that they were just a couple of unknown hosts. Next think I know they’ve called the show Host Unknown and the producers are begging me to make a cameo appearance to add some much needed star power. At least, that’s how it sounded to me in my head.

Check out the shenanigans we got up to at Infosec Europe and hold on to your seats for our factual documentary when we were at 44con.



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