In Japan, someone registered a trademark for CUGGL as a clothing brand in Japan. 

GUCCI tried to sue for copyright, but the Japan trademark office stated that CUGGL is not similar enough to GUCCI to warrant enforcement.

Well, maybe not in the written word, but what do you think about the partially obscured logo? 

I am both disgusted and impressed by this. (Credit to Halvar Flake for the find)

I’m off to register my two new security start-ups. GLSGO and BABLD7

While I joke about the vendor names, this is an interesting way in which our brains work to fill in the blanks whenever information is missing.

People will use similar techniques when, say, using deep fakes. The deep fake itself doesn’t need to be perfectly created, it just needs to be created well enough to allow the recipients brain to fill in the gaps.

It’s why it often doesn’t matter if you leave a sentence half ended if the reader already knows what