The Familiar Stranger

Along my journey, I cross paths with a stranger. We have never met before, and will probably never meet again. We are aware of each others presence and acknowledge each other without acknowledgement.

To each other, we are familiar strangers.

There are many familiar strangers, all on their own journeys. Each with their own precious cargo.

Some have exquisite rings, others with grand sparkling crowns, and some have small trinkets.

The familiar stranger is holding a diamond encrusted cane. Our eyes lock briefly, and it takes just that fleeting glance to exchange our stories.

Our glance tells the story of our journey, where we came from, and the unknown into which we are heading. The pleasure of having such precious cargo, and the burden of responsibility that comes with it. Joints aching from the weight, eyes heavy from lack of sleep, yet heart still joyful for what it has.

But most of all.

The familiar stranger in one glance gives me, and other familiar strangers, hope.

And just like that, the familiar stranger continues their own journey, and I continue mine. But we are strengthened and rejuvenated by each other.