Setting a Guinness World Record

I’ve been thinking of the best way to write this post for several days. Many drafts have ended up being deleted. Which, to be honest, doesn’t have the same visual satisfaction as seeing pages crumpled up into balls and tossed across the room into the bin. But here we are.

Last week, KnowBe4, OneLogin, and Eskenzi PR partnered up to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the Most views of A Cybersecurity Lesson Video on YouTube in 24 hours.

I was one of the two trainers who had the honour to deliver one of the sessions, and have been insisting my children now refer to me as their World Record Holding Dad.

Growing up, I used to watch Record Breakers on TV. If you’d told me then I’d one day be part of a World Record setting team, I’d have laughed so hard, it probably would have had me reaching for my asthma inhaler.

But, like many achievements, I really can’t take much credit for it. When I reflect upon it all, all my achievements are an accumulation of events that took place over many years, and there have always been people there to hold my hand, and show me the way.

I won’t try to name everyone, because I’ll inevitably forget names. Of course my family played a massive role, my employer, my colleagues, friends, peers, and all the wonderful people who I spammed about the event.

Life is a journey we’re all on together. Meeting good people along the way is perhaps one of the greatest blessings.

You may think I’m going soft in my older age… maybe you’re right.