The NCSAM Campaign

For October’s National Cyber Security Awareness month, I put together a few videos and blogs. In my mind it formed a campaign, but for various reasons, the timings were a bit inconsistent and the different resources ended up on different places. So as a recap – I put everything from this year into this one blog post. Hey just because the month is over doesn’t mean we pack up and go home right.

5 Cyber Security Awareness Month Tips for Cybersecurity Professionals. The post that kicked it off wasn’t aimed at end users, but at cyber security professionals themselves.

The 5 tips were:

  1. Quit blaming others
  2. Argue behind closed doors
  3. Be specific
  4. Be a storyteller
  5. Make them cool.

Securing social media was next on the list, and I made two short videos for Twitter and Linkedin, with 3 simple steps users can take right now to better secure their accounts.

I then went on to advocate being a liar for the sake of security. The blog post went into some more details, but the short video gave the gist of the matter.

The next topic was around keeping communication in bounds

And finally providing the ultimate cyber security awareness tip.

But that wasn’t the end… much like a Marvel movie, there was a post-credit scene. That is to say, just because October is over, it doesn’t mean that Cyber Security Awareness comes to an abrupt halt.

Stay secure my friends